Healthcare Marketing Service - Midwest - a Division of Hume & Communications

A specialized marketing, advertising and web design agency serving
regional healthcare providers in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois
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Full-Service Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

Physicians and Surgeons
Medical Groups
Long-Term Care Facilities
Social workers
Dietitians and nutritionists
Health educators
Physical Therapists
Massage Therapists
Holistic Practitioners
Fitness trainers
Medical records and health information services
Medical Device Manufacturers
Emerging Med-Tech Startups
Life Science Ventures
and more...

About Healthcare Marketing Service

Graphic Design
Direct Mails
Public Relations
Multimedia Production
Web Design
Social & Network Marketing

An Industry-Focused Approach

The Healthcare Marketing Service, an industry-focused division of Hume & Services,  supports the unique business requirements of the healthcare sector. We provide your organization with specialized teams of experts, hand-picked from our internal staff and external partners based on your specific specialty and project scope. This approach ensures that you get solid strategic and tactical marketing support that's tailored to your professional sector, market trends, target audience, and budget.

About Thomas L. Hume, Principal

Tom has over 20 years of agency and client-side experience in business-to-business and business-to-consumer consulting, one-to-one, multi-channel, experiential & lifestyle marketing and multi-channel / multimedia communications. Tom has a deep understanding of strategic and tactical marketing, graphic design, photography, internet services, and web design services - from concept through delivery.

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